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polymer clay jewelry 




Hi, we're Kaylan and Emilie. Welcome to our website. We're so glad you're here! 

It all started back in 1984. No, really. In the halls of Grace Christian School. Our moms were introduced to one another and have stayed friends all these, 35 years. Growing up we all were convinced that we were cousins. Sadly, we are not. But that hasn't stopped us from being together for every family  trip, family photo, and birthday. 

Emilie and I were born 10 years apart. Me in 1992 and Emilie in 2002. So the significance of this year is, we both find ourselves at a turning point in our lives. Emilie graduating high school. And my husband and I starting to grow our family. So on a random Sunday of "crafting" together, we decided to sell some of the fun jewelry we've been making. 

All of our items are handmade over coffee, Gilmore Girls, and laughter. Contact us if you have any questions, or have any interest of selling our products in your store. 


We're so happy to be here and hope we can connect over some beautiful clay finds! 




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